Youth be free, Not Fake




Japanese T-Shirts and other products are infamous here for not making a whole lot of sense. What most people likely do is put whatever they want to say in Google Translate and think that’s good enough. Many things get lost in translation and you can end up with many raised eyebrows and cocked heads. I keep my eye out for ones that actually mean something. One of the recent ones that I’ve found is on this bag. Most of the students have no clue what they are wearing, and after I explained this one to the owner, he nodded in agreement.

It summed up what I had been thinking about that exact day. I had been talking with my sister and we discussed the usual worries and slightly irrational fears that comes with being young. The running theme throughout the talk was, “What should I doooooooooooo“?

We are caged in the idea that we have to know what we want to do. We have to have a plan. We have to have the right balance all the time. While I was traveling, however, the spontaneous moments were the times that changed my course for the better and great things happened when I least expected it. It is the social pressure around us that is pushing us to take the more conservative step instead of the leap of faith.

Mistakes go hand-in-hand when you are following your gut so you have to give yourself a little legroom when you make the not-so-right choices. There is no shame in admitting when you are wrong. We love to (and in a way, trained to) show the staged part of ourselves. We love the attention and the likes on our profile pictures, but perhaps the freedom comes when you embrace both the cringe-worthy and positive sides because that’s what makes us human. That’s what makes each of us beautiful and 100+ Facebook like-worthy in our own way.


What are your fears?

What do our fears mean? This question grabbed my attention this evening.

We are taught in this life that fear is a negative thing, and must be something that we have to conquer. I have not thought about it too much, and quickly dismissed it as a natural reaction. But how about viewing it in a more artistic way? How about viewing fear as an amazing act of the imagination?

When we are children, we make up stories about things under our bed and creepy things lurking around in the night. An example in my life would be really wanting a cat when I was younger. I had seen the movie The Mummy, and I was just petrified of mummies from that time on. I desperately wanted a cat because I believed that was the only thing to ward them off. I would often imagine the things that would happen if a mummy would visit us. I created mental pictures and built a plot in my head.

What if we simply called our fears stories? They are unintentional in the way that we don’t even realize that we are making them up constantly. In our fears, the characters are ourselves and we predict all of the things that could go wrong. Our fears make us think about the future and measure possibilities.  We have the ability to time travel to the future. We start to worry and questions start being asked:

“What if I don’t do well at work today?”  “What if my love rejects me?”  “What if my plane blows up and I fall to the earth in a million pieces?” Et cetera. 

We have a choice to act on that fear based on a logical stand point. Think about why we have these fears because how we choose to read our fears is how our lives will play out. Fear makes us act. I hope we all make the right choices whenever fear presents itself.  

What are your fears? What are my fears…