The reason for my hiatus

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I have enjoyed baking since I was young. However, after I started working the hobby seemed to make its way out as new responsibilities came into my life. With a need for artistic outlet, baking found me again. With some inspiration that I got from the website I will plug on the bottom, I decided to try cake photography. I found it adorable and I also wanted to create cute images like the ones she had posted. You can check them out here:

After making a couple of images and talking with my sister, I realized that there were so many people doing food photography. I admired what they were doing, but I wanted to do something different. My sister suggested taking the photos outside. One thing led to the other and my first photo was taken at a train station in our area. I was sick as a dog but I didn’t want that to stop me. Since that first image, I took three other shots. One in a convenience store, one on the cable car tracks, and the most recent being in Kyoto with a good friend of mine. Each one comes with its own emotions and experiences.

The newest one in Kyoto was great fun for me and hopefully for the model as well (I didn’t realize I had made him hold a cake in one hand for a straight fifteen minutes). One thing that I was struck by was all of the positive feedback from the by-passers on the street. Everyone that walked by smiled and/or commented. It was great to give them something a bit unique to go home to and tell their families about. A cake is a very simple thing, but frosting it in the middle of a street in Kyoto made it all that more interesting.


Putting God into stiff shoulders.


This was the first time in ages I drew something from my area. Never underestimate how funny life can be. Things can happen no matter how close you are to your home.

Event 1#: Hiker comes down the hill with a stick and shouts to me in English, “What do you drew!” Without saying a word I show him the drawing. In broken English he asks where I am from and I respond in Japanese telling him I am from Japan. He walks off mumbling to himself, “Naruhodo….naruhodo”. “I see….I see”.

Event 2#: Half-way into my sketch a group of women from some kind of religion of light approached me with fliers. I had small talk with them when all of a sudden one woman grabs my neck and starts massaging it. She told me that she was putting God into my stiff shoulders. Was slightly strange but I didn’t move. I wanted to tell her to put God a little bit more to the right.