Little Brown Leaves


Little Brown Leaves on the ground.

Looking up from where they fell.

Wondering about the moving time.

How fast their life passed them by.

Once standing tall in the trees.

Are now lower than each persons knees.

Going back from which they came.

Knowing what would happen after the rain.

After all, sad to see it end.

Even though summer will come again.

(Five years ago)


Poetry in junk drawers


I don’t write poetry these days, but recently I dug through our junk drawers and found a lot of my old stuff.


Lie on the floor

Reach to the sky

Pray to heaven

To let you fly


Watch my back

Heal my pain

Trying to live

While staying sane


Stopping the morning

Endure the hurt

Hold on to your chest

Fell the heart burn


Flip the pages

Learn your new things

Hopscotch on words

Let your mind breath


Come to a block

Break right through

Because you don’t have

Anything better to do

I feel like I’ve met you before.

How pleasant is it when you encounter people that you seem to have met in a past life. Even though you just met, it doesn’t hinder you from rambling on non-stop to each other.

I wonder, do those golden times have a name? When a soul seems to connect to the other and you can just lay all of your cards on the table. However, in doing so, it is embarrassing. Kind of like seeing them naked… and  that exposed part of them was not meant for you to view. My sister thought up her own term for this since we could not find an already existing one– and that is Ninzer. Feel free to use it. Let’s make this word a thing!

I personally have never had a Ninzer experience while on the other hand, my twin sister has had them many times. You start to wonder if your own gates are up and you are locking others out. The paradox is that you are locking yourself in as well. I hope to have that beautiful experience someday. Where you can see the soul sitting in front of you as a whole and not just apart of your everyday background. Where both sides listen and have an equal amount of give and take. Could that be where all creativity and venerability stems from? Finally, finding that one person that has the perfect key to meet your gate, and the ability to take off those protective shackles that the world around you made you put on– allowing you to breathe and finally feel the true meaning of peace.