Okonomiyaki in London


Life in London was grand, but there were some expectations it seemed.

With Japanland as the theme, we had to create a new kind of feast this time around but what was there except KFC?

With a bit of a think, we created this meal- oh!(konomiyaki) what a ball it turned out to be.


The Train Stories: His Foggy Eyes


We are attached to false feelings of belonging. We become addicted and we forget what it truly means to touch another persons life. The man sitting beside me clearly has the wrong idea.

(One year ago)

I can’t remember why the man sitting next to me had the wrong idea, but I keep getting reminded of how easy it is to become infatuated. When reality comes knocking, you feel ashamed of how blinded you had been and wish you could have been more in charge of your feelings. Cloud-9 really knows how to fog up a persons view. So whatever the man sitting next to me was doing, it’s okay because we are all human. From recent experiences, I now know how easy it is for the path to become blurred.

A sports drink from a grandpa


Drawn in Okayama on the way back from Hiroshima. As I was finishing up this watercolor, I look up from my sketching to a man in his 70s peering down at me. “Hey! Do you speak Japanese?” he asks me. With a yes, he hands me a sports drink and says, “ご苦労さん”.

‘Thank you for your hard work.’

I love to feed people

「I love to feed people.」


This is what my good friend said to me at the picnic. Her whole ora is so beckoning and it is easy to become friends with her. She gives without hesitation and among her other amazing qualities, I think that is what draws people to her.

Eating with people and sharing food is considered a very intimate and personal thing. When I meet people like her, I am reminded that the food I put into my mouth is not only from my own efforts but from the kindnesses of others. I find it funny that just one simple sentence can spring trains of thought. 

If anyone needs a sandwich, I’ll be at my house! Stop by anytime.