The Train Stories: All he sees


She had a nice fishtail braid and a hat on her head.

She had a feeling of travel but only traveled locally.

This kind of woman likes to appear exotic, but actually doesn’t go anywhere.

She has her cellphone out, messaging the sixth boyfriend in a row in three years.

He is the sixth one that doesn’t care about her.

All he sees is the fishtail braid and the hat on her head.

Her true heart is forever hidden because she refuses to show it.

Being fake is just easier in the present- but in the long run it deadens your soul.


The Train Stories: What the Gods dropped


We stand in awe of this thing calledĀ music.

It is so familiar to us yet so foreign.

Like it should not belong here on this earth.

It isn’tĀ of this earth and it seems we were not meant to receive it.

The Gods dropped it here by accident and we would not let them have it back since.

The Gods can’t have all of the fun.