A day well spent

My sister and I spent most of our free day watching re-runs of The Justice League. We both are terrible at keeping up with TV shows but this one kept our attention for hours *shiver*. With all of the unnecessary bumming around it made me feel disappointed with myself. Instead of watching Hawk Girl beat up people with her mace. I could have been doing the homework that I have been neglecting. Instead of watching The Flash make sarcastic comments and run around in circles, I could have been exercising off the Indian Curry I ate for lunch. But noo… I did not do anything seemingly productive. From the outside it would look like I had taken a break from taking a break.

However, between the thoughts of regret and of my fluffy stomach, I smile a happy smile. Because even though I didn’t exert myself today, it was a day well spent because I was with my most favorite person: My twin sister.

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Eye Candy from Shibuya




Found these when I was walking around the Shibuya Tokyo area.

First: Very cute cellphone straps and magnets that are in the shape of every kind of food.

Second: I went past a cute noodle shop and this caught my eye. YES NOODLE STORE IM HAPPY.

Third: An Italian restaurant that I saw. It was over-grown with plants. A new gardener is in need.