Closing the day


I learned the importance of a ten yen today. Every little bit counts. Yesterday I forgot to ask my sister for some extra change, and I found myself standing infront of the ticket machine face-palming myself. I was the only teacher for today’s activity, it would have been really unfortunate had I not had that extra bit of money to get on the train.

Every month the school puts one of the teachers I charge to teach an activity. The theme for each month changes, and this month is all about food.
Though I have been at my present job for a little over three years now, my nerves never fail to take over me and I dread the activity day.
I am happy to report that it all went well as I knew deep down it would. I don’t know why I keep reverting back to worry even though I am familiar with it enough to have confidence. I wonder if I will wake up someday and be fine with it all.

With a book that I recently got in the mail from a friend in my bag, and my hair up and out of my eyes, I am happy. I am happy to look around and breathe in the crisp air. I am closing my day with people watching at the station and dinner with a friend.


I just love this place.

A great many exciting things happened this week. We welcomed a new addition to the family: a heater. We were growing in desperate need of one because the temperature here in Japan had suddenly dropped.
With a lot more reasons to stay inside, I have been thinking and slowing down a bit more. I am still sick and I love these lazy days where I stay in and drink tea all evening.
Yesterday, I visited the organic cafe’ in my area for the fourth time this week. I feel as if I could go there every day and not get tired of it. You would feel the same way I am sure.
I will list some reasons why, and if any of you have a place similar to this, please let me know.

1. The music is different each time I go. The woman in charge plays the same artist throughout the day, but a different artist and genre everyday.

1. The atmosphere is cute and cozy. The seats are all different with the only thing in common being that they are all comfortable. The lighting is good and doesn’t strain your eyes.

1. It is close to the station and from my house it takes less than ten minutes to walk. I just walk down the hill and I am there

1. Don’t get me started on the food. She changes up the menu everyday. Mutsumi serves mostly organic and vegetarian meals with a plethora of tastes and spices to please the palate. When you come in the smell of the ingredients hits your nose right away.

1. Though Mutsumi is friendly and always has a smile on when I come in, she gives me my space when I do my reading or projects. Welcoming, yet distant in a good way.

I just love this place. If anyone happens to be in Nara, Japan I would highly recommend it.


Digging and Reminiscing

Oh, the joy of being at home. The bliss of not having any places to be or people to meet that day. Just absolute heaven. Because it was such a nice day today, I worked in the garden for a few hours and made considerable progress taking the bushes out. Although I had work to do, I managed to get a considerable amount done. *Reward Please*

As I am waiting for my well-earned sandwich to heat up, I am reminiscing as I look at watercolor drawings I did a couple of months ago:

I see paper lamps and water dispensers from the restaurant we hiked to. I’m looking at the soft snow from the window as I sip my sweet hot chocolate. I find coins next to my toothbrush in the living room and orange peelings scattered all over the table after devouring the entire bag. Honey being squeezed into peppermint tea with the outside slightly peeking in through the closed curtains. I remember the good feelings from seeing blueberry sauce slowing slipping down the cheesecake. Unfortunately, time does not stop for anyone and the electric blankets turn into gloves holding bus tickets back home. Clenching my Matcha Latte in my hand, we wave to our dear friend who graciously tried to introduce us to the beauty of winter and the art of ignoring the cold.