The Train Stories: On the left, on the right.


The Man on the Left:

Just tell me already. My eyes tire and my soul becomes silent. I start to watch the world around me as if I am watching a movie. Sometimes I find it interesting. Sometimes I find it funny, but other times I look at it as if I am watching a bad German art film. I have nothing to say. A for Effort to all those who think they are actually trying.

The Woman on the Right:

She has a bobby in her hair. She’s wearing a suit with white tennie shoes. She has a bag from a cosmetics brand and a polka dot purse. She looks young but she is telling me that she wants to be a mother. But no one will notice her. She doesn’t mind too much though, because her mother still packs her lunch boxes.


The most unfortunate thing

I hear him whispering sweet things in my ear. He tells me that he loves me. On my face, I force a sad, sweet smile and make a tear fall from my right eye.

I told him that I wish I could love him. I told him that now was not the right time. I told him we would never complete each other — that he would be unhappy.

I will never forget the melancholy expression on his face, on his whole that broke my heart. I tried to spare his feelings the best I could, but I realized then that nothing would work. I understood in that moment that heartbreak is quite inevitable when passions are not requited. When two hearts do not meet, it is the most unfortunate thing indeed.

This is what the woman in the painting told me.

Don’t spend time beating on a wall.




Do not spend time beating on a wall hoping to transform it into a door.

This was on a bag that a woman was holding on the way home from work today. With all of the funny Japanese t-shirts and merchandise, this one made sense. There were many times in my life where I would try to change things that couldn’t possibly change. The fact that change was not possible made me more frustrated and that shallow whisper of, “Maybe… Just maybe”, haunted my mind. You can’t change a person, you can only hope for yourself to change. It doesn’t matter what happens around us, but if your mind is sober and you do what you can in your limited time, beautiful things can happen. It’s nice to know that it’s not our past mistakes that our holding us back, but our current mindset.

I am so grateful for second chances- and that second chance is called now.