The Train Stories: All he sees


She had a nice fishtail braid and a hat on her head.

She had a feeling of travel but only traveled locally.

This kind of woman likes to appear exotic, but actually doesn’t go anywhere.

She has her cellphone out, messaging the sixth boyfriend in a row in three years.

He is the sixth one that doesn’t care about her.

All he sees is the fishtail braid and the hat on her head.

Her true heart is forever hidden because she refuses to show it.

Being fake is just easier in the present- but in the long run it deadens your soul.


Did time exist for you?

photo-80I took this two weeks ago in the woods of Nagano. The toys that interest us as we age is contrasted in this photo and it brings me back to memories of when I was young. I was not interested in the things that I am interested in now. The things that I found entertaining back then did not worry me and I loved it for what it was. Though as I got older, I trained myself to think and worry about the future because everyone else was doing it.

I would like to know what it feels like again— to have fun with something so simple, yet be amused by it for hours on end. Time didn’t exist for us because it didn’t need to. When it showed up, it presented itself as a practical necessity; something all need to survive in this world. I have come to know that being aware of the ticking clock is a curse that you can never undo. All we can do is wish for our lives to be simple and uncomplicated. For if we were to meet that child that was once ourselves, it can look at us and see a kindred spirit— a soul not cluttered with thoughts of work or pleasing others, but only interested in helping out in the sandbox.

Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.

I have not seen a good movie in a while, so I was pleased to see “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” in theater. It turned out to be pleasant. I was not planning on watching it, but I did, and was grateful for the spontaneity of the evening. One quote from it in particular I found refreshing : Beautiful things do not ask for attention.

When I heard this, women taking selfies came to my mind. I am guilty of wanting unessassary attention as well, so I can not blame anyone, but this quote is such a good reminder to how we must all be humble. The wonderful things that are around us each day in nature can not even hold a candle to us. Yet, we strive to have the attention put on ourselves and try hard to make ourselves known.
What are some beautiful things that do not ask for attention? 
The sound of a trickling stream. Animals slowly emerging from their secret hideouts. A sunset burning a fiery red.
The stars making their way into the night sky.
We all love compliments and attention, but it is a sobering thought that no matter how much you compliment the nature, that’s not what is going to make it grow.
The same with us, even though compliments feel good and are great to receive, ultimately they cannot help us. 
To me, compliments and encouragement are different things. I love applause and I welcome it, but I value kind words of advice much more. It helps me grow. I realize more and more each day how much encouragement will make you bloom all the more beautifully. 
I would like to learn to be like those lovely people whose soul shines by being themselves and don’t hold up a sign in attempts to boast to the universe. They live to spread love to those around them, and don’t expect anything in return. In them, true beauty is found.

Phoney words.

Is it bad to use “phoney words” in your vocabulary?

“They’re grand people.” “Yes, they are. They’re very nice.” Grand. There’s a word I really hate. It’s a phony. I could puke every time I heard it”.

This dialog I read from “The Catcher in the Rye” this morning. We throw words around so easily these days. We twist meanings and overuse them. Before you know it, all of the meaning and life gets sucked out and we are left with people with lips that only speak empty words.

When I was fifteen, I realized I did this myself. I was friends with the harmonica player of the bar band and he was complaining how the young generation overused the word “awesome”.

“The party was so awesome. My gosh this is such an awesome drink. It kind of depresses me. I’ll teach you what is awesome. The Grand Canyon is awesome…. A sunrise is awesome. It had so much more power and now you use it to fill silence. I try to only use it when I mean it.”

I suppose that was his own little way to contribute to the preservation of the English language.

I did not instantly start choosing my words carefully. Slang is slang and it becomes such a habit. Changing from such comfortable usage to carefully choosing your words can be challenging for most.

It shows how you think and what kind of person you are. They say speech is where the body and soul meet. Which is why you must always be careful with what you say because it effects every aspect of your life. Your words become thoughts- your thoughts shape your reality.

So! As of soon, I would like to remove “phoney” words from my vocabulary if I do not mean them.

My list would probably look like:

  • Awesome
  • Great
  • Busy
  • Fun
  • Exciting
  • Amazing
  • Good
  • Epic
  • Cool
  • Neat
  • Crazy
  • Okay
  • Whatever
  • Forever

What are your phoney words?

I feel like I’ve met you before.

How pleasant is it when you encounter people that you seem to have met in a past life. Even though you just met, it doesn’t hinder you from rambling on non-stop to each other.

I wonder, do those golden times have a name? When a soul seems to connect to the other and you can just lay all of your cards on the table. However, in doing so, it is embarrassing. Kind of like seeing them naked… and  that exposed part of them was not meant for you to view. My sister thought up her own term for this since we could not find an already existing one– and that is Ninzer. Feel free to use it. Let’s make this word a thing!

I personally have never had a Ninzer experience while on the other hand, my twin sister has had them many times. You start to wonder if your own gates are up and you are locking others out. The paradox is that you are locking yourself in as well. I hope to have that beautiful experience someday. Where you can see the soul sitting in front of you as a whole and not just apart of your everyday background. Where both sides listen and have an equal amount of give and take. Could that be where all creativity and venerability stems from? Finally, finding that one person that has the perfect key to meet your gate, and the ability to take off those protective shackles that the world around you made you put on– allowing you to breathe and finally feel the true meaning of peace.